The Next Tudors Recap (4.8.1)

Edit: removed dates as I am nowhere near hitting those deadlines, sorry.

What can I say? I’ve started it, sorry. I’m…going through some changes. It’s job related – I’m good – post lockdowns the job has changed for the worse. I’ve quit and am finishing at the end of June, and have financed and planned a reasonable retraining schedule for 6-8 months. So, busy right now, finishing up at work, going to be some more time available coming up this year. I’ve also been gestating the new project.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough for the next Tudors and you’re still bothering to click on housekeeping (unless you’re new – in which case, FYI there’s been a big drop off in post frequency.)

The history’s taking a bit of mining for Season 4, and like I said, I’ve been seeing another TV show and started the process of reading for it.

Why, yes, it is a historical drama.

The next project is The Crown. Currently experimenting with form (narrated Youtube? I don’t know) reading a book about The Abdication has become a phase of reading books and thinking about The Abdication until it’s just in bold in my head. The Queen Mother is an enigma wrapped in a riddle balanced on 100 years of hagiography, and I may have a small crush on George VI. I am all about the soundtrack.

Sorry, part of the slowdown on The Tudors is getting ready to work on something new (so many biographies and memoirs), also don’t want to drop the quality of The Tudors, currently in danger of becoming my largest completed project, right at the end. A couple of weeks for the next one. Thank you for your patient, or impatient attention. The Tudors will be finished by the end of the year.