The Tudors Recap – Season 3 Footnotes Episodes 5-8

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Hall’s Chronicle (1809 printing) Has a far longer original title, written by Edward Hall (1496 – 1547) Protestant perspective.

Episode 5: Problems in the Reformation (Part 1)

First, The Tea

1:Starkey, David, Six Wives, p608 (Letters and Papers Henry VIII, Vol 12, Part 2 item 977 – Russell to Cromwell 24/10/1537)Also Fraser, Antonia, Six Wives, p280 (the same)

Then we assassinate Pakington

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4:The Tudor Society Online, it needs a sub, but the part from a woman who knew he imported bibles is before the break.

q: Cromwell’s Holbein portrait was destroyed after his death. Three early copies remain. This is the one from the National Gallery, London. Courtesy Wikipedia.

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More Tea

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Meet Will

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Mary, too

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Caserta, 1538 where we turned the gig.

Week 1.5: Nonsuch Palace

Excitingly Close to Caserta, 1538

Back at the Brandon’s for Angst

Week 2: back in the whistling apartments

Fictional Crime

Hygiene Central

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Episode 5: Problems in the Reformation (Part 2)

The 2DOR Office

1) Borman, Tracy, Thomas Cromwell, p277

Royal Palace Cul de Sac

2) If you’re interested, easiest to see it on a map, or maybe take a street view tour. Marlborough Road, the only available route between the Mall and the top of Pall Mall features a lot of very high, thick walls, hefty spiky metalwork, impassive blank gates and a corner of St James’ Palace. The Old Stable Yard that leads to Clarence House is not accessible. It’s a neat solution to a high security need in one of the busiest parts of one of the busiest cities in the world, but it means St James’ Palace remains largely obscured.

Pall Mall and The Mall, by the way, got their names from the Stuart royal family sport, which members played on courts set up near those roads, and maybe on the roads themselves. The Hanoverian family sport was Olympic level feuding with your heir and that happened everywhere.

Nonsuch, Not so Much

3) Fraser, Antonia, Six Wives, p287

4) Friends of Nonsuch site

Week 3: Henry “The Religious Situation” Tudor,

And the Dox Bollocks

5) Great Bible of 1540 p429 (Internet archive)

Total Recall

q) Weir, Alison, Henry VIII King and Court p414 (Letters and papers, April 1538, item 696, Thomas Worley to Lady Lisle) I’m having trouble believing there were 40 guys on one side, and they won against the guards, mainly because the incident is reported nowhere else other than this letter from some dude to Lady Lisle, but it’s a primary source and he quotes a lot of detail for the earlier, smaller, incidents of fighting he talks about.

Cromwell’s Got a Hessian Posse

Are the Prawns Code?

Phased Work Returns

6) Letters and papers October 1537 21st – 25th. Henry to Francis I Item 972

The Second Son

Greener Grass with Fewer Steps

Resume the Hunt

7) All found via Schenk, W, Reginald Pole: Cardinal of England

” One brainsick fool should be the ruin of so great a family” Letters and Papers September 1537 21-30 Item 795

“Make him eat his own heart” Letters and papers December 1538 11-15 (vol 13) item 1036: Cromwell’s friend Latimer reminds Cromwell he said it.

8) Letters and papers November 1538 1-5 (vol 13) item 753 a report from the French Ambassador

The Empire Strikes Back

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Episode 6: Search for a New Queen (Part 1)


The Foreshadowing

1) If you haven’t been back since I wrote Episode 5’s recap I found some basis for those two fighting incidents I previously dissed as bollocks. It’s from Alison Weir, and she got it in a primary source in the Letters and papers ( April 1538, item 696, Thomas Worley to Lady Lisle). It was Gawen Carrow, not Gawain Carew. He wasn’t killed, he aggressively resisted arrest for something else and might have killed a yeoman, and he was one of Cromwell’s guys. The letter was written April 1538 so it happened then or just before, 5 months after Henry’s isolation period.  Also I don’t trust the primary with the whole “40 guys rioting” thing, I haven’t found a reference anywhere else yet, and 40 guys on one side, the rioters win a fight at court and no one else has a note of it? Chapuys was uninterested? May well have happened but I bet it was a hell of a lot smaller.

So, it was later than The Tudors has it, (I came across it while researching something for this week) but it’s got a popular historian and primary source backing (with an awful lot of asterisks) so score one for The Tudors and Alison Weir.

What Cromwell Did

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attempt 2: item 37 Chapuys to the emperor – right at the bottom of a long letter, Geoffery Pole is referred to in code as Master Caro.

There’s Something About Marie

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Confusion in the Cells

Stand Up Christina

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An Impression of Evidence

An Evening at Court

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The One That Got Away

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Much to do about Tapestry

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Leg man

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Morning In England

Episode 6: Search For a New Queen Part 2

Easy Glider

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Pillow Talk

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Cromwell’s Wave

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Henry the Photophile and the Case of John Lambert

Torch Hand

Easy, Rider

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Swanning About

To Be or Not to Be

Back at Don’t Care Ranch

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Henry’s Wave

Tell You Something Pretty

Episode 7: Protestant Anne of Cleves Part 1

Great Expectations

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Crisis Meeting

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Time Skips and Failed Ships

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Brighton calls for Aid!

A Cygnificant Dukedom

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Personality Politics

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Sir Francis Bryan’s International Intrigue Workshop

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Was She Though?

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Oh, Those Calais Evenings

To Carpentras

Fashion Week, again?

To Rochford

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