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The Tudors Recap – Season 3 Footnotes Episodes 5-8

Hello, and Welcome to the CanuckMom (1) , and Pusher 7 (2) Footnotes page for The Tudors Season 3 Episodes 5-8.

1: I swear I will finish The Witcher…by 31st December 2020.

2: You know who you are…I don’t, but I do know that you want me to finish The Ten Commandments. I swear I will finish The Ten Commandments…by 31st December 2020.

Well, I’ve stuck it on the footnotes page for half a season. It should be pretty hard to sidle out of that commitment. Harder than actually doing the work? I guess we’ll find out just how Henry VIII I am (I am).

Oh, and I think I’ve found an easier way to do this.

That’s it. That’s the introduction to the second half of season 3 footnotes page.

Bibliography Season 3, Episodes 5-8


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Hall’s Chronicle (1809 printing) Has a far longer original title, written by Edward Hall (1496 – 1547) Protestant perspective.


Episode 5: Problems in the Reformation (Part 1)

First, The Tea

1:Starkey, David, Six Wives, p608 (Letters and Papers Henry VIII, Vol 12, Part 2 item 977 – Russell to Cromwell 24/10/1537)Also Fraser, Antonia, Six Wives, p280 (the same)

Then we assassinate Pakington

2: I’m paraphrasing but here:Letters and Papers Henry VIII,Volume 11, Nov 1536, no 1092

3: Hall’s Chronicle page 824

4:The Tudor Society Online, it needs a sub, but the part from a woman who knew he imported bibles is before the break.

q: Cromwell’s Holbein portrait was destroyed after his death. Three early copies remain. This is the one from the National Gallery, London. Courtesy Wikipedia.

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More Tea

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Meet Will

11 Weir, Alison, Henry VIII: King and Court p251

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Mary, too

14:Fraser, Antonia, Six Wives p281

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Caserta, 1538 where we turned the gig.

Week 1.5: Nonsuch Palace

Excitingly Close to Caserta, 1538

Back at the Brandon’s for Angst

Week 2: back in the whistling apartments

Fictional Crime

Hygiene Central

16: Weir, Alison, Henry VIII: King and Court p410

Episode 5: Problems in the Reformation (Part 2)



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